On-location Athens, Greece

June 06, 2016

On-location Athens, Greece

This past week the Digital Martian media team landed in one of the world’s oldest cities, Athens, Greece. No taxis for us, Martians use the metro, which in Athens is cheap, clean, and convenient. We hopped off the red line at Acropolis Station grabbed some gyros, checked into our hotel and dove right into all the offerings of this classical era city. We are always in search of cool places and stimulating experiences and nothing culminates in the bringing together of those two notions better than the word ‘trek’. As such the team took to Philapappou Hill. We are Martians so the 482 ft hike was not bad. The views of Acropolis Hill and the Parthenon from the Philapappou were beyond impressive.

 Athens is not short on elevated vantage points. The team also took on Lykabettus Hill. After the 300 meter ascension we were rewarded with views of this 19th century Orthodox jewel while the flag was being raised.

If competition drives you like it drives us then you will appreciate our visit to the Panathenaic Stadium. Athens by way of the stadium hosted the first modern Olympic Games in the summer of 1896.

The time spent was not just about the leisurely visiting of ancient Greek Monuments, the viewing of classical era art, and the tasting of ethnic foodstuff; we got some work done as well.

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